The Message of Monk

I sit here at the gym, not my regular gym, but a nice one, watching the 49's game.  I don't really like football, but I'm humoring a friend and checking it out.  I'm sitting in the lounge area.  Believe it or not, there's a bar that serves alcohol with four giant televisions, lounge chairs, and a ton of folks who are "OOooing and Awwwwing" at the game.  But it's not a pub, its a fitness club.

Yes, this is where I'm trying to catch up with myself after being out of town on vacation in Napa over the weekend.  (Feel blessed and mushy right now.)  Worked out for two hours, and hopefully I will see some results, tomorrow.  I never seem to see any changes in my body right after I work out (unfortunately).  Just soreness and fatigue.  But I know, I can't get anyone to workout for me.  I know I can't hire someone to lose the extra pounds.  BOOOO....  I don't have those kind of funds anyways.  So, just going to chip away at it, one day at a time.  And hope for the best.

Here's a song that reminds me about taking care of myself.  It's a Thelonius Monk tune, called "Monk's Blues."  I recorded this a few years ago in San Francisco with Daryl Green on Drums, Matt Clark on Piano, and David Ewell on Bass. I love those guys.  So killin!  The bass is a little low in the mix at the beginning, but overall, I'm so glad I did this tune.  It's one of my all time favorites to sing, perform, and share with my peeps.   Hope you enjoy it.

Etta James Tribute Video

Here is a new post dedicated to the amazing and phenomenal Etta James who passed this morning, January 20, 2012.  Thank you Etta for sharing your beautiful voice with the world.



Hello My Beautiful Peoples,

So, yes!  The website, is now live, flowin, and growing.  I have been rebuilding it for the last month now, and am very excited to be adding new music, videos, and other content on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis.

To officially kick off this website launch, I am releasing this very special new song of mine, "Big Thangs" which I just recorded over the holidays with Mr. Mike Irwin Johnson on banjo.  I'm very inspired to release this in the new year, and hope that you enjoy it as well.


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Peace, and Happy New Year!!!



Work in Progress

Hello Beautiful People!  Thank you for visiting  This site is currently under construction.  There will be more media and postings daily.  So, stay tuned, and STAY IN TOUCH!  I would love to hear your feedback on any of my works, and of this site as well.  I welcome technical coaching in Word Press, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Design Suite, Pro-Tools, and Logic Pro, and am available to barter voice work (singing, composition and song writing, reading copy, or character voice-overs), voice lessons, vocal coaching, performance coaching, or culinary coaching.

Peace and Happy New Year!

Allegra Bandy