Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin!

One of my American Idols, Aretha Franklin has inspired me with her amazing voice, stunning delivery and skill, and utterly soulful music.  She is my SHE-ro, and will always remain in my heart as my favorite soul singer.  There has been no else like her, and I'm proud to sing her song, "Natural Woman."  Check it...



Black Bird Fly

Black Bird - Performed live by Allegra Bandy


"Into the light of a new dark night..."   Brilliant lyrics by Bob Dylan.  So inspired to have sung and recorded this song.  This was performed live at 1300 Fillmore in San Franicsco, CA, about two years ago in 2010.  Performed with Jara Ra Queeto on Keyboard and Eugene Warren on upright Bass.  So blessed to have documented this moment in time.  I really loved singing in that space, as the acoustics were stellar, minus the dinner crowd in the background.  Busy night for a Sunday.

Hopefully I'll find more gems like this from way back.  Enjoy!