Accousitical Fun at Night

Last night, after dinner at Kincades in Jack London, I returned to the underground parking garage, to find it almost empty.  I noticed the sound seemed to bounce and bounce, and decided to record my voice to test out the amazing accoustics I was hearing.  This is what came out of my mouth.  I would love to do that again with a better field recorder.

Allegra Bandy Live with Brother Riley Bandy in SF

I hella heart playing with my Bro.  Can't wait to do it again.

Stretchy Pants

Oh how life would be so much more comfortable if everyone wore stretchy pants.  They accentuate or hide, they stretch, they conform.  I love stretchy pants, and I hope you enjoy this silly song sketch.  If you have a favorite pair of stretchy pants, Tweet a pic to @allegrabandy.  Or post on my Facebook Fan Page.