Allegra Bandy Sings Stevie Nicks' "Landslide"

This one's for David.

To the Sun Music Video - Allegra Bandy's Photography set to her Music

Set to the track I wrote, "To the Sun,"  here are my favorite photos I've taken of sunsets.  All photos were taken with my iphone from various parts of the world, namely San Francisco, CA; Kauai, HI; the Big Island, HI; the Marin Headlands, CA; and Emeryville, CA.

1,000 Likes Today

Within a week and half, ROI Catalysts and I have been working our butts off to get my Facebook Fan Page "Likes" up.  Special thanks to ROI Catalysts for helping to create a path of success. I had 51 likes less than a month ago, and now we broke through 1000. ROI Catalysts Rocks!!!  Today the page reached 1,000 "Likes"!

So what does this mean????  This means that I'm going to continue to work my butt off!  "With great power, comes great responsibility."  I've always believed that.  The more people I reach, the more I need to do my art and get it out into the world.

For those who are looking to brand themselves or get more eyeballs their ways, there is a doable path to the madness.  Even though we worked really hard to get to where we are, success leaves clues. With enough drive, focus and the right guidance, I truly believe that there's a story in all of us that needs to be shared.

I'm so excited that people are digging my stuff, my image, my brand.  I'm still pulling that together, and redefining it, but that's life.  Always re-inventing ourselves so that we continue to grow into our full potential.  It's been very inspiring, infuriating, and motivating working on myself.  Now, onto 1 million! Ye-Yah!!!

Thank you to all of my fans, new and old, and for those of you who don't know me yet... you will.

Love y'all. Here's the link to the Facebook Fan Page:  Want to "Like" me?