Happy Halloween 2012!

So, I'm not usually one for getting dressed up for Halloween, but I do enjoy painting my face.  So, inspired by designs of my ancestral tribal Filipino and Native American heritage, I tried this for a Halloween party last night.  I pretty much only do that once a year (now), but I like this look a lot, and might bring it back for future videos. Hmmmm...

Here is a snippet of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," which my face painting also reminded me of.  Enjoy!



Cyndi Lauper Rules

With a love, no longer a guilty pleasure, for 80's Pop music, I decided to branch out a bit more and sing another one of my favorites from that era, Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time."  It's a rainy night here in Oakland, CA, and this has historically been one of my favorite rainy day tunes.  So, inspired by the sounds of the drops on the chicken coop roof in my next door neighbor's side yard, the ting tang drop drip drop, I decided it was time for another tune.




Time Flies - "Save Your Love For Me" Live

"Save Your Love For Me" originally performed by Nancy Wilson, and Cannonball Adderly in 1961, inspired both my brother, Riley Bandy, III (alto saxophone) and I to perform this song together in celebration of 20 years of performing jazz together.  With Matthew Clark (piano), Jaz Sawyer (drums) and Michael Bordelon (bass), we performed live at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco, CA on October 14, 2012.

This was such a treat to perform with these excellent players after 20 years.  Jaz and Riley have been friends and playing music together since middle school, and I started playing with both of them when I was in high school.  WOW, time flies.  All of us grown up now, still playing music professionally, and sounding better than ever.