My Brother's Favorite

I love playing with my brother, Riley Bandy, III.  I would love to do it more often.  He is a father of three, and I am a busy budding filmmaker.  Hmmm... At least we squeezed this one in.  I was finally able to figure out some technical difficulties with this on, so it's coming a month later.  This was recorded live at the Red Poppy Art House, in San Francisco, on October 14, 2012.  When ever my brother and I play together, he always asks me to sing this one.  Hope you enjoy it!

Be The Change

We have been on the tipping point for such a long time.  Now we are past it.  The battle is won, but we still have a long way to go to winning the war.

I was inspired by the elections yesterday, and this came out of me. It's called "Be The Change."  Enjoy!!!