So Let's Set the World on Fire...

"Tonight, we are young... So let's set the world on fire...We can burn brighter...Than the sun..."  And then get into a bar fight?  In slow-motion... brilliant of the band, Fun.  Love that song and love their video, and thought that I'd sing a little snippet for you.  Don't mind the messy bedroom in the background.  I thought that it would add to the adolescent feel of the music.  ;)

"Think Twice"

Last year, I met and made friends with the illustrius Nina Storey, a fabulous singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles.  She has recently released her latest CD with the title track, "Think Twice."  I LOVE this song, as Nina has quite a knack for creating really sticky hooks.  Here's a short snippit of the song that I sing.  You can go to Nina's website,  to hear the full awesome version.

Get "Ready to Rumble!"

It's Live!!!! My latest finger puppet public service announcement from California Watch & The Center for Investigative Reporting.  Both my neices played the little girl characters in the English version.  This video is also available in Espanol on the California Watch site.  Visit the California Watch Website for more information and to see the other videos.  Enjoy!