"You Make Me Like It" - Can't get enough of this song!

Even my family likes this one.  Granted, this is one of the few songs that I'm actually speaking in.  And, tried to have a British/posh accent.  It was my birthday yesterday, and this song came into my head, thinking back on all of the things that I've learned over the years, and all of the things that I thought I'd like, and didn't, and vice versa.  I found so many things that I originally didn't think I'd like or get into, and now I can't get enough.  Like:  brussel sprouts, chardonay, video and audio editing, beards on men (sexy!!!), the music of Phillip Glass, the color orange (now my favorite color), and the list goes on and on.

Anyways, this the the Happy Birthday/Happy Friday/Uh-huh song for this year.  I made this about a year and a half ago with my buddy Dan Fries (music producing genius), and this song will be available for download soon.  So, here's a sneak peak.  Enjoy!