Hump Day

It's the day of the precipice of the week.  The day that you wake up, drag your butt to the computer, look the world in tweeter, and say..."It's ON!!!!!"

Getting over the hump, peaking, humping?...  I've been pondering the wonders of this life, and it continues to amaze me how true is the statement, "Be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it... and then some."  So, while you are figuring out how to get over the hump, remember to keep your focus on the things that are really important to you, and the things (and people) that you really want in your life.

Here is one of those favorites that always gets me moving, and reminds me of my inner brilliance and knowledge that everything I need to be happy is already inside of me. Happy Hump Day!!!

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Just recorded this today to test out the ProTools upgrade I just installed, and trying out the new recording studio I just built for the Center for Investigative Reporting. Making sure everything is working smoothly. So, essentially, this was a mic check. Enjoy!


Voice Over Sample

I hella heart ProTools.   Here is a voice over sample that was recorded by an audio trainee of mine, LaToya Tooles.  I read for this today.  I think LaToya did a great job recording it.  The music is by Solokkhz out of Israel.


"You Make Me Like It" - Can't get enough of this song!

Even my family likes this one.  Granted, this is one of the few songs that I'm actually speaking in.  And, tried to have a British/posh accent.  It was my birthday yesterday, and this song came into my head, thinking back on all of the things that I've learned over the years, and all of the things that I thought I'd like, and didn't, and vice versa.  I found so many things that I originally didn't think I'd like or get into, and now I can't get enough.  Like:  brussel sprouts, chardonay, video and audio editing, beards on men (sexy!!!), the music of Phillip Glass, the color orange (now my favorite color), and the list goes on and on.

Anyways, this the the Happy Birthday/Happy Friday/Uh-huh song for this year.  I made this about a year and a half ago with my buddy Dan Fries (music producing genius), and this song will be available for download soon.  So, here's a sneak peak.  Enjoy!



New Song for Valentine's Day

Sappy as all get up, here's my new Rock Ballad, "Our Chance."  This song was inspired by the fact that life is too dog-on short to not go after what you really want in life, especially love.  There is no better time than right now to show someone how you feel about them, because who knows how long you have.  You could be hit by a bus tomorrow, or worse, get cancer, and drag out your life trying to get through that.  Hopefully nothing happens to you tomorrow, or today, and you are just able to love, love, love.  And it's not about the flowers or the candy, or the diamond rings rediculousness... It's about the truth in your heart.  Follow it.  "'Cause life's too short, this dream's too sweet...."  (Free Download for the next 24 hours)


Happy Valentine's Day!

Allegra's New Voice Over Reel

Finally! It's here!  After securing the music, recording my voice, and also finally getting one of my male colleagues to lend his voice for announcing my name, it's all finally put together.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.  I was given a few scripts to choose from, but these were the best I think.  More to come.



"Like the ceiling can't hold us...!"

Loving the tune "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, I decided to sing the hook that got totally stuck in my head.  I found my self singing it everywhere, in the parking lot, in my car, at the grocery store (although that footage didn't come out so well).  I haven't tried learning the rap part of the song (he goes sooooo fast), but found myself stuck on hook.

Also, when I discovered this song, the incident of the People's fillibuster of the anti-abortion bill in Texas, lead by Senator Wendy Davis, just happened, and was so inspired by this that I dedicated this video to Senator Davis, and all of the people who rallied behind her in order to make it happen.  An important moment for women's rights.  So, "...we'll throw our hands up, like the ceiling can't hold us..."!!!!


Sum Like it Hot! - New Radio Version

"Some like it spicy, and some like it blue, some just really don't have a clue..."

Here's the radio (shorter), for your listening pleasure.  This is the mature version, so not for the faint hearted or tender eared.

Good, fun summertime music!  Enjoy!

So Let's Set the World on Fire...

"Tonight, we are young... So let's set the world on fire...We can burn brighter...Than the sun..."  And then get into a bar fight?  In slow-motion... brilliant of the band, Fun.  Love that song and love their video, and thought that I'd sing a little snippet for you.  Don't mind the messy bedroom in the background.  I thought that it would add to the adolescent feel of the music.  ;)

"Think Twice"

Last year, I met and made friends with the illustrius Nina Storey, a fabulous singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles.  She has recently released her latest CD with the title track, "Think Twice."  I LOVE this song, as Nina has quite a knack for creating really sticky hooks.  Here's a short snippit of the song that I sing.  You can go to Nina's website,  to hear the full awesome version.